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Sacroiliac Joint Injections in Rochester, NY

What is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?

The sacroiliac joint is the place where your spine connects to your pelvis. A sacroiliac joint injection is used to diagnose or treat lower back pain that comes from your sacroiliac joint.

At Boev Clinic, our highly experienced medical providers prioritize your well-being and utilize cutting-edge technology to provide the highest quality of treatment. If you’re seeking relief from sacroiliac joint issues call Boev Clinic at (585) 342-2638 to schedule an appointment.

More about the Sacroiliac (SI) Joints

Inflammation in the SI joint is a common source of lower back pain. It can also cause pain in the buttocks, groin, and legs. Today it is estimated that the sacroiliac joint is responsible for 15 to 30 percent of lower back pain cases.

Am I a Candidate for a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?

SI joint injections can be used to both diagnose and treat SI joint dysfunction. This means if you suspect your pain is originating in this joint, Boev Clinic will be able to determine a more precise location of the pain following the injection.

The injection is a combination of anesthetic and corticosteroid to give you the pain relief you need.  SI joint injections are not a permanent cure for joint pain, but they can provide long-lasting relief and help your doctor determine the source of your discomfort.

Who May Need a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?

The SI joints are very small, but they absorb a lot of shock and experience significant wear and tear as we age.

Dysfunction of the SI joint occurs in degenerative conditions such as:

  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Advanced age
  • If you have asymmetry in the joint, like leg length discrepancy
  • Pregnancy
  • Trauma
  • Previous spine surgery
  • Too much movement
  • Too little movement

How is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection Performed?

Preparation -You should go over any past medical history with Boev Clinic prior to the injection. Your healthcare provider may tell you not to eat or drink after midnight the night before the procedure since you may get medicine to help you relax during the injection.

Precise Location – An SI joint injection is almost always performed with x-ray image guidance. This allows Boev Clinic to view the Si joints as they guide the needle to it. It is of the utmost importance that the needle is in the appropriate place before the injection occurs, otherwise, your doctor might rules out SI joint dysfunction as the cause of your pain when the injection does not provide relief.

Procedure – Boev Clinic then will use x-ray guidance to direct a very small needle into the joint. The injection procedure only lasts about 20-30 minutes. Most experience relief after one or two injections. Post-Injection Recovery – You will need a ride home following the procedure and listen to any advice from your medical professional. You may be sore or need to rest. How soon you get relief from your pain will vary. Twenty to 30 minutes after the procedure, you will move your back to try to provoke your usual pain. You will report your remaining pain, (if any) and also record the relief you experience during the next week in a pain diary. When your pain is improved, start your regular exercise and activities in moderation.

Will I Get Relief?

You will typically begin to notice an improvement in your pain two to five days after the injection. If you do not notice improvement within 10 days after the injection, it is unlikely to occur.

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If you’re seeking relief from sacroiliac joint issues call Boev Clinic at (585) 342-2638 to schedule an appointment.

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