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Rochester’s best in brain and spine care

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Leave Pain
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We offer chiropractic services at our three locations

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Boev Clinic
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Rochester’s best in Neurosurgery and Chiropractic Services

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Your Premier spine and pain management Center in The Rochester Area

Boev Clinic is a premier neurosurgery, pain management, and chiropractic center offering a full spectrum of services to patients in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

As a private medical practice, Boev Clinic has years of experience in providing patients with neurosurgery, pain management and chiropractic care. Our spine, back and pain management providers are board certified and have extensive training in all these areas. Our pain management clinics are conveniently in Rochester, and Canandaigua. Our clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnoses and treatment of common and rare conditions of the spine, neck, head, and chronic pain. Our advanced facility and expertise allow us to provide patients with the best-in-class care in the region.

Getting Started with Boev Clinic

Our multi-disciplinary team of spine and pain management experts work together to diagnose and treat disorders of the brain and spine, improving the care that our patients receive. 

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See What Our Patients Are Saying

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“I could barely walk, sit or stand when I found my way into Dr. Boev clinic. I had seen some other chiropractors, but it was only in this clinic that I had gotten real help with my issues.”

– Sophie
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“Dr. Boev sent me for an MRI and my results showed a bulging disk and a herniated disk. The treatment I received helped solve all my back pains. I can’t believe what an improvement.”

– James
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“The staff at Dr. Boevs is wonderful. Now I can come back to all my favorite sports activities and drag my husband to whatever jogging marathons are available locally.”

– Amy
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What’s New at Boev Clinic

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What Does A Pain Management Doctor Do?

No one should live with pain. No one should have pain interfere with their life, and no one should be saddled with pain for long periods of time. It is possible to take control of your pain and your life by seeing a pain specialist. The Negative Cycle Of Pain Many people live with pain…

5 Reasons to See a Pain Management Doctor

We all have pain to some degree, especially as we get older. Sometimes it is worse in the morning when we wake up, sometimes it hits us mid-afternoon after standing too long, or for some, it hurts whenever we move. That might be called chronic pain. Some people suffer with it thinking it’s just old…

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